Patient Forms

Improve the patient experience and engage early. Enable patients to conveniently fill out required patient forms or provide consent or feedback seamlessly from any device before they even step in to the office. 

Streamline & Simplify. Securely!

Leverage pre-built templates or request custom versions of any forms you require.  Patients will be able to fill out the forms at home in a convenient manner and submit them electronically and securely. 

Our state of the art, HIPAA compliant systems ensure that all PHI is encrypted, stored and made available only to authorized personnel – with complete audit trails. 


Save Time By Converting Paper Forms To Online Forms

Reduce the time spent on data entry, printing, scanning, and shredding paper.

Patient Forms enables you to automate a lot of the time-consuming tasks associated with managing patient data. With reachDr seamless platform, you can quickly build out your patient forms online and use Robotic Process Automation to integrate the data captured into your EHR systems and your workflows.

Review Submissions & attach to chart

Allow patients to send you images, scans and other files from any device of their choice. Store them securely and attach them to their patient records as required