Text Enable your Practice

Improve patient experience and limit no-shows with HIPAA compliant two way texting. Now with new CMS codes (G2010 and G2012) you can get paid for even brief responses with any medical advice or treatment you provide over text messages. 

64% of consumers prefer receiving text messages from their providers

In fact, over 90% of texts are read in the first 90 seconds, drastically reducing the need for and voicemails and phone tag.

Streamline your office work flow and improve staff productivity by having more care-related conversations and fewer phone call follow-ups. 

With our integrated desktop app, you can easily   initiate conversations over text with your patients as you review their charts. You also  see the complete message history from your patients in and are able to prioritize checking with them on any follow up care instructions

Allow new Patients to find you via text message

A majority of new patients look to explore new practices and doctors from locations where they do not feel comfortable speaking on the phone or at times outside normal business hours.

Eliminate this barrier and make it easy for your patients. Now, you can allow potential patients to reach you by simple text messaging!